Dungeon Runner adventures 1

I finished collecting up all my quests in the colorful starting zone so I entered a place called Dew Valley through a red portal. I had two quests; one to kill some wolves and collect a lucky paw from one of the stronger ones. I was having a bit of trouble trying to get used to the controls but it was soon sorted by a visit to the controls panel. There is no targeting system in DR so its easy for you to miss the monsters lurking in the foliage. This puts you constantly on your guard as often if you get one baddy on you 3 more come rushing out of the distance. This adds a new sense of uncertainty and tension, whether deliberate or not.

I ran around aimlessly for a while killing anything that came in my way, when I found a group of Dew Valley wolves for my quest. After killing them I waited for a little while for the respawn before I realized that there was no respawn at all; instead you were forced to clear the whole level of all monsters in the search of your particular one. However this game me enough to time to adjust to the aspects of the game and fighting became easier. Very quickly I picked up some really nice looking gear and I exchanged my crossbow for a mace and shield as the mace did better damage as well as being 1-handed.

After a little while I had completed the first 2 quests I ran back through the portal into the starting area. After handing in I was surprised to find that neither of the quests gave me any experience rather just gold pieces. I got a lot of new quests after handing in the first and I discovered that many of these involved talking to other people in the enclosure who would then give me a final quest. It was rather confusing and I think I completed about 5 in a minute without doing any killing whatsoever.

Surprisingly though, by the time I had received my second round of quests I realized that not only had I reached level 4 almost without noticing but that I looked really sweet, after picking up some nice blue coloured armor, a helmet, and some shoulder pads.


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