New Heading, Sadness, and Too Cool

Well, I finally figured out how to change the heading of the blog and decided to do a montage of photos. I wanted to change it so it would capture people's attention and they might possibly want to linger a bit longer in the dark, lonely corner that consists of this blog. It might be subject to change later, but for now I quite like it and have no plans to change it.
When I told my friend that I had started a blog he said 'sad 2 have a blog.' Just about sums it all up. But how was I supposed to know? They don't teach you these things at school, and your friends only mention it when you have already done it. Now, because now body told me I feel like a total idiot for not knowing what seems like common knowledge.
Mind you, that seems to happen a lot for me, everyone is too cool these days except me. Not that I'm not cool, just that I'm not too cool.
People are so stupid sometimes.


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