Kingdom of Loathing

A few days ago I was drawn to the game Kingdom of Loathing by a fellow blogger Tobold. Before that I had never really heard of it before and was interested in testing it out.

The game is a free browser-based game that presents a humerous view of not only pop culture but other, expensive games with high graphics. I found the game quite refreshing for a while and was really enjoying myself before I found out that you could only do a certain amount of stuff each day. See, you have a certain amount of 'adventures' per day which means that you can only fight a certain amount of battles or talk to a certain amount of people every day. While this makes you choose what you do very carefully it does also create a restricted nature to the game that makes it hard to accustom to, for the new player the first hour or so you are just wandering around and getting used to the dynamics and then the big imposing adventure cap comes along and stops you from doing anything more.
If by that time you hadn't done anything particularly exciting, other then just settle down and explore, then the restriction would probably prevent you from playing again. However, this is just a minor problem which supposedly can be solved by eating various foods and drinks that will increase you adventures.

The game also has a rule which requires you to log onto your character every 60 days otherwise your account will be deleted. This is an idea that can swing both ways; for one it reduces the number of people that played for 2 seconds before thinking it was boring and never played again, but it also can put a whole lot of pressure on those that just want to have a break from the game. A friend who has a top quality character with tons of good gear of stuff says he only logs on now and then just so his account is deleted, but doesn't really play very much.
And here is where I kind of agree, Kingdom of Loathing really only interests for a short period of time, while the dynamics, characters, battles, and items are original and funny for a while I couldn't see myself playing for a whole lot longer.

The game is funny, smart, unique and relaxing to play and I enjoyed it for all of two days, but try it out and hopefully you will enjoy it and play longer.


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