Titles, Capitalism and Discrimination

You know in book titles when all the important words have their first letter capitalized, i mean like; 'The Adventures of Blogman.' Why are 'of' and 'a' always small and insignificant? I think this is a deliberate attempt to discriminate those who really aren't big enough to defend themselves. 'Language' people are saying some words are more important then others and this opens up a huge host of issues and problems.

Without these 'underwords' book titles wouldn't make any sense so the meaning of the word is not what is significant. Generally it seems that a word must compose of a large amount of letters to be included in the capitalized sector of language society. And also if an individual letter such as 'a' is always in the lower case that would have to mean that any words which contain that letter would have to be in the lower case making the title 'The adventures of Blogman.' Which would bring up the question of why is the 'B' and 'T' more important then the 'a'?

Backtracking a little, in any other situation the word 'The' would not be capitalized if it didn't begin the title. So the 'language' people have decided that whichever word starts the title demands capitalization. I guess this gives back a little to the underwords who when placed back at the beginning of the title can gain prominence over its larger counterwords.

The answer to these questions is simple; this is a struggle of position and rank. 'The' 'a' and 'of' all are subject to bigger and more complicated words who can bully there way to prominence through sheer numbers. However, underwords can buy their capitalization by going first.
The manipulative 'language' people could not leave the English language in equality but designed it to reflect human nature and as a result has created a world of bullying adjectives and intimidating nouns, but as ever...prominence can and will be bought by those that can afford it.


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