Cirque De Soleil; Why Can't They Just Call It the Circus??

Right now I think I'll do something on impulse and write a blog on something in the room at this very moment. Ok, there is a army bag sitting in the corner. My dad worked in the army reserves for something like 20 years and so has about 6 of them. It is filled with various circus equipment as my family once acted and busked as a family circus. While were not magnificent and spectacular, and sometimes not very good at all, the appeal was the age. With my oldest brother being around 13 at the time I recall and my younger brother being 7 or 8 I guess various Mums and Dads who were rushing through their busy city business day appreciated watching excited children strut their stuff rather badly on the streets.
We didn't do it for the money rather for the experience and excitement. And it was an experience and it was an excitement, but quite a few years ago and now circus acts are a pastime for most of us.
However my purpose for that was not just to tell you guys a bit about my history but to bring up the subject of circuses. I'm not sure if you have heard of 'Cirque De Soleil' (hope I spelt that right) but as far as I know it is one of the biggest and fanciest traveling circuses in the world. Everytime they come round here the newspapers go wild over the amazing costumes and music and characters and that sort of rubbish that no one really wants to know about. I have seen a few videos of their performances and will of course admit that the costumes are elaborate, the sets are spectacular and the music and singing is of a very high quality, but the performance gets more and more boring even when completely new shows come out.
Who wants to see freaky men topless with outrageously tight pants run around with each other and perform various body stunts. I'm sure that most people aren't looking at their 'elaborate' costumes at all.
And what interest is commanded by someone getting tangled up in a thick cloth dangling from the roof. The audiences practically need to be told when to clap cos they sure don't know when a trick has been done. The person is probably making it up as he goes along and if he nearly kills himself falling 10 meters before clutching the cloth again he gets a roar of approval. Total rubbish.
Cirque De Soleil also seems to have an obsession with tiny Asian kids doing all the most interesting stuff, while the adults mess around with each other in silly costumes. Also I am sick of the 'stories' that these people try to incorporate into their performance as no one ever understands them therefor translates to everyone gushing over how great it was, pretending to be part of the elite group who can make something of that which doesn't exist. They can have that group all to themselves.
Maybe I just have no taste in the art of circus, or clothing, or performance for that matter but when I hear of people seeing the most magnificent circus in the world I don't expect to hear them babble on about how great the clothing was, well, what clothing there was of it. Next thing you know they will be doing a nude show...oh wait, are they already doing that?


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