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After my rage over that gaming magazine in my previous post I began my search for something new and better. Previously a couple of friends had brought a magazine called PC Powerplay to school and I had a look at it. First of all it is only about games for the pc which eliminates all the boring game reviews of stuff that I don't care about, and it also reviews various pc components which I am also very interested in. The articles are nice, the reviews are good so at the moment I started to think of getting a subscription.

Being the cheap sting that I am, I first went to eBay to check out the prices. there was a bulk lot for $55 but it had many old editions and I wasn't too keen on that, as well as there were quite a few people interested so the price is sure to go quite high. I then found an eBayer who was actually selling his copy of the magazine for even cheaper then the long term subscription plan, that includes postage. he says he just opens it up, rads it then packs it up ready to sell. Crazy, and he was 60 something judging by his profile photo. A nice thing to see for a change but I really can't see the benefit of going onto eBay and waiting until he puts the next issue up, then buying it just to save about 30c.
So I went to the PC Powerplay website and clicked on the 'subscribe' button and checked out the prices. Its $99 for a years subscription, which is quite steep, but I guess it includes the disc which includes tons of recent game demos and even full games. I pondered this for a little while before opting for another option; a two year subscription without the discs for $90 which I think is a bargain.
I have been known to buy on impulse and I have no wish to do it again so have decided to sleep on it for a few days before I get it...because I am going to get it; the sleeping on it is just for show.


Crimson Starfire said...

I was one of the first subscribers to PC Powerplay. I still have issue #1 hanging around somewhere. I stopped subscribing to it almost three years ago because it became almost redundant (in my opinion) with the advent of online gaming news sites. You no longer need to buy a mag to get all the best game reviews and pics. Mind you, PC Powerplay is the best Aussie gaming mag by far. The demos on the CD were always fun ;)

Chappo said...

Yes, I completely understand where your coming from, but for me I love just sitting down with a mug of tea and flipping through a magazine. I find reading reviews, previews and news very hard to enjoy on the internet. While it may give the same information I don't find it as enjoyable.
I guess it comes now to personal preference.

Tom said...

i wish i had time for gaming etc. My life seems so busy that i just cant squeeze it in.

i guess i am just out of the habit - perhaps i need to adjust my lifestyle to allow for more recreation time....

is it important? what do you think?

Chappo said...

It really depends on how much you enjoy gaming. If you live a particularly hectic life and you wish you had more time to play games then it probably means that you need to slow down a bit.
I see gaming as a relaxing thing to do; something that takes you away from reality, its pleasurable and exciting, all these things are important, but do not solely have to derive from computer games there are many other things you can do that give you this stuff, so look around, find something you want or like to do, and as long as you derive enjoyment from it then your lifestyle should include not exclude it.

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