Dungeon Runners

I was checking my emails today and I had received a notification from Play NC about a new feature they had added to the game Dungeon Runners. Something called a Bling Gnome something or other, from what I gathered it is a feature that allows you to vendor your stuff wherever you are, but I'm not certain, mainly because I don't actually play the game. I don't know quite why I had an account with Play NC if I didn't have any of the games but that will soon be fixed.
Judging from the front page of their website the game kinda' looks like it was designed and made by teenagers with their 'FTW's and 'Noobasaur' but that could just be the nature of the game.
From what I have gathered so far it looks like a pretty decent game with some humerous aspects which I feel help mmos tremendously.
The site also has a pretty good video that coincides with the new feature of bling gnome. Curious I decided to download it and give it a go. Will report back later.


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