Get out of the park!

While I am messing around with dungeon runners for a bit I tried out the demo of 'Out of The Park Baseball'. Now I am not American and so I really couldn't care less about the actually game, but as it seemed to be getting many good reviews I decided to give it a go.

The aim of the game I surmise is to control and manage a baseball league, as well as making the perfect team. This includes trading players, organizing matches, leagues, and other stuff that I really think you need to know at least something about baseball to really appreciate. I was looking forward mainly to the prospect of designing my own crazy team who would destroy the opposition, but after I started up the game, getting to this point seemed a long way off.
The first thing I had to do was set up a league of my own, what to call it, whether it would be a fictional one or a historical one, what the various teams would be, how many there would be, what they would be called and various other options. I skipped through this process just trying to get to the delicious fun stuff that the game supposedly promised.

I was then presented with a host of options about organizing a game schedule, a team roster, team colours, what players I want, whether to trade players with somewhere else. I could choose what pitchers to use, what batters to use, each one presented me with a long list of statistics and averages of each player. The only problem was that none of the players had any averages because they hadn't played a single game in my league as yet.
You can check out each player's profile and their attributes, such as loyalty, greed, work-ethic, and other interesting options, as well as checking out how much dough you are spending to keep him. This was quite interesting for a time as I dabbled around with player options, but I was soon overwhelmed by the prospect of checking out the hundreds of players that the game has to offer.

The game is designed to simulate a real manager of a baseball team, probably something I should have taken into consideration before I downloaded the game. I was hoping for a more team-based game, where you guide your team to glory as well as watching their performances in matches, as I think that this game allows you to do so, but in reality it is bogged down and hidden like a mystery that takes forever to unravel all the useless pieces of evidence and fluff to reach what you are really after. I had a good look around but was only met with pages and pages of unreadable information. Suddenly I realized that I had to wait for a certain amount of time before the team could actually play a game; just like real life. In this game you can't just click a button that starts a game instantly (Or so I think) instead you have a league schedule with which you have to abide. So saying this I skipped days and days hoping to reach the point of an actual game but before I could the demo ended and I was left with nothing. All that expectation gone, all hopes of seeing my complicated worries of being a manager give way to watching my team play a game were gone.

In summary, the game is for extreme baseball fans who love the idea of controlling their own league, with limitless options of management which they can spend hours upon hours perusing. But for anyone else, the sheer mass of information, and very little action will cause them to be either disappointed or frustrated like I was.


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