Dungeon Runners adventures 3

Yesterday I didn't spend too long playing Dungeon Runners so was looking forward to getting into the nitty gritty of the game. I had finished the nooby zone quests and stuff so was ready to move on to the major town Townston. I clicked on this large elegant twirling, glowing rock that was hovering above the ground and it teleported me there. I spent a little while just running around finishing off 'talking' quests and getting new ones and once again I noticed that I seemed to be doing quite a lot of quests where all I would do was talk to a guy standing next to the questgiver and get $150 for my pains, which is slightly irritating as the quests that involve half an hour' worth of killing yields something like $300. But judging from some of the new quests that I have received which offer $1000 this won't last too long.

Most of my quests involve going off to a new place called Algernon which sits at the edge of the town. Quickly running through Townston I noticed a couple of other players, some of them were massive with huge glowing axes, I was surprised to see so many relatively low levels (Around 15) having some truly crazy looking armour.
I entered Algernon and started roaming around. The map was quite large so it took a long time to clear the first level. I grabbed some more quests from npcs scattered around the level and was slightly overwhelmed when I realized how many quests I had in a relatively short time. After only just arriving at Townston I had collected over 10 new quests. Most of these were more of the same but I didn't really mind.

I leveled a few more times and randomly sorted the 5 'stat points' that you are given each level to improve various stats. There are agility, strength, endurance, and intelligence. Strength and intelligence are almost useless to me so I pour them into the others.

While trawling the level I came across another portal that lead to another area but not part of Algernon. Once through i thought I had somehow got back to Dew Valley because the scenery was exactly the same, all that was different were the monsters and setting out. Feeling slightly betrayed I finished up with some quests that I had relative to that zone and ported back to Townston. I had hit level 8 now but nothing really has happened out of the ordinary or something that hasn't happened previously in the 8 levels before, but I remain optimistic.


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