Combatting Combat Arms

Despite my hopelessness and first person shooters I downloaded Combat Arms the other day. It came as recommendation from a friend of mine who was gushing over it. After starting up the client and logging in, I picked one figure from four others, this wasn't really important as the differences were purely cosmetic. I then went to the shop/modification place where I was able to spend some of the money I had been given as a starting point on weapons. I picked one randomly, not really minding too much about the stats (I told you I'm hopeless at these games) and added a scope and silencer using the modifications option which was quite cool. Everything I bought gave me the option of either buying it for a day, a week, a month, or even 3 months, each getting more and more expensive with the weapon expiring from your inventory after that period of time. So saying, it would take an awful long time to save up enough to buy a gun for a year with the only way to acquire money is through playing matches, so I quickly entered a server and found a game. The loading time was surprisingly quick and within seconds I was running around pew pewing.

For a while I just ran around, getting used to the game and figuring out what all the keys did and dying so many times I started to think that some of these people were hacking. After five minutes I got my first kill and did a little dance of victory, having died nearly 10 times before doing so. The match was over and I gained a little bit of experience towards the next rank as well as $100.

I joined a few more games and did equally bad in them as well and was starting to hate the game quite badly before I found a map that seemingly suited me. It was called Junk Flea and was a very small map, with plenty of cover and things to hide behind, needless to say there was a ton of camping but I didn't care. Because so many were camping I just ran all over the place chucking grenades and then changing startled players, spraying all over the place. By the end of it I had actually got a positive kill/death ratio and had found my calling. Now I only play on that map and manage to get in the top 3 regularly. There seems to be only about 5 maps which is quite limited seeing as a few of the maps seem very similar, however I'm sure that Nexon will be releasing more maps later.


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