Dungeon Runners adventures 5

I have now stopped playing Dungeon Runners. For a while I had been hoping that something new and interesting would pop up that would keep the interest up but unfortunately it was just the same gameplay, same maps, and same monsters. In the end I just found myself grinding through these endless monsters for hours, then I thought to myself; hang on, why exactly am I doing this, do I need these guys for a quest? Who are they? Why are they here? In fact I didn't know, now I don't know whether this reflects the game's qualities or my slackness, but I had had enough.

After hitting lvl 10 I had messed around a bit and cleared out my bags coming up with $90000. I was quite proud of myself seeing my brother who had started playing had only $20000 when he got to lvl 10. I had reached the end of Algernon level 7 and was up to the boss level. For a while now I had raised the difficulty lvl which increased all the monsters' health by %100 and their damage by %40, while the loot was increased by %100. While I picked up some really nice stuff (Most of which I couldn't actually use sadly resulting in a lot of vendoring) I was also paying a lot of money of potions to keep my alive long enough. I figured that for the boss level I would need a ton of potions so grabbed about 20 and started my first attempt.

The boss level was made up of three rooms; one near the portal entry where there were no enemies, then there was the room in which the boss and all his goonies were waiting, and past there was a room full of treasure chests. With my %100 loot bonus and a Boss to fight for the first time, I was hoping that he would drop a rainbow coloured item, which is the best in the game. So saying, I pulled the monsters. There were about 8 regular monsters accompanied by a champion monster, a champion being just a mini boss, and the boss himself; Sissirat. I was quickly overwhelmed by the simple amount of damage that the group was doing and promptly died.

Slightly shocked, I waited for the stupid shoe ad to finish and ran back to the portal. I tried again and again, and again, but was making no progress. I had barely any time to do any damage to any of the monsters before I was overwhelmed. I started buying up huge amounts of potions, which were getting quite expensive by now. A few more deaths and I realized the problem; the stupid boss guy was spawning trash for me to kill, while I had been dying and coming back, dying and coming, slowly killing some trash guys and thinking I had made some progress I had been tricked, every time I killed the trash, the boss would spawn 5 more monsters.

Pissed off, I went back and by 3 more deaths I had killed the champion monster who had been doing a ton of damage. I then went for 3 other monsters who didn't get respawned. After about 5 more deaths I had killed them and only the boss and his spawnlings were left. Finally, after at least 20 deaths I killed the boss and was able to gather up all my loot. I had lost about $10000, but wasn't too worried because I was so intent on my rainbow item which I was sure to get. Needless to say, nothing even decent dropped and I was left lonely and broken. So that is why I quit; I died more times then I can count, spent a massive amount of money on potions, sat in front of the computer waiting for dozens of the stupid shoe ads to finish, and took well over 30 minutes in the process all for nothing.

Now that I have finished I will soon post my complete opinion on the game, but for now I'm goign off to have a soft cry and a milo.


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