Which are you?

Are you a mouse person or a keyboard person? I'm talking about games like space invaders where you move your little ship accross the screen shooting endless waves of aliens. Nowadays, in the more modern versions it gives you and option either to use your mouse to move the ship or use the regular keyboard. But the thing is that these kind of games were designed for computer parts 5-10 years ago, and carrying on the tradition simply doesn't work.

Now I don't normally play games like space invaders but the topic was brought to my mind when my little brother tried out a demo of Chicken Invaders. After playing a while I really couldn't understand why they even gave you the option to use the keyboard because it was so awkward to use, and not nearly as quick and sensitive as the mouse. I found myself dying so often because you move sooo slowly using the arrow buttons. I wonder if they are keeping with old traditions back when there were no laser mouses, and every gamer had the big ball-type mouse that got caught and clogged up all the time. Can you imagine playing CS with a mouse like that nowadays? If CS was released 10 years ago with all the shoddy mouses maybe you could play that equally good with the keyboard, but as technology had moved on and mouses have got upgraded and better nobody would use the keyboard even if there was an option to do so. But why don't keyboards get an upgrade with the times, why can't keyboard users be able to be just as fast as mouse users? Its a sham. Disgraceful.

The only use I can see for the keyboard option is for 2-players, where one uses the mouse, and the other uses the keyboard. But before laser mouses which type did you use? The faulty big ball-type mouse or the keyboard?

PS. I aplogise for any spellign mistakes as the stupid bloogger word correcting this isnt workign.


Thallian said...

mouse.. definitely mouse.. prolly too much so :P

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