It never would have worked between us... (Dungeon Runners conclusion)

The first thing you will notice about Dungeon Runners is that it has ads; a large banner accross the top of the screen, but while it isn't overpowering and dominating you still know its there so its still just as bad. Play a bit longer and you notice more ads, perhaps if you are lucky you will encounter the terrible shoe ad which seems to last forever. Play a bit longer and you begin to recognize various similarities between DR and Diablo, then you notice some similarities between DR and WoW then you see a whole lot of similarities between DR and watching grass grow. But seriously, Dungeon Runners seems far too much like a 3D Diablo. There are many restrictions on the game which you can only be rid of if you pay a monthly fee to be a member. Play NC made the job for gold farmers (...If there are any for DR) much easier by including an option that increases the difficulty level as well as allowing the character to get a ton more loot. The gameplay is repetitive, the community is silent most of the time, and dying is over powered. This is my review of Dungeon Runners;
The graphics are actually pretty nice considering it is free, although many of the weapons and armour look exactly the same. Many of the maps seem all exactly the same with only the towns or checkpoints looking any different. In the nooby zone I ran through some forest levels call the Dew Valley, then at the end of 3 levels I reached a cave. A bit later in the game I came accross the exact same cave except this time it was called Algernon and it had different monsters in it. Big whoop. I reached a portal in Algernon that said Not So Rumoured Refinery and lo and behold I entered the cave at the end of Dew Valley except there were different monsters. This copying method makes it so much easier for the developers but a whole lot more boring for gamers. I don't want to walk through 7 levels of the same cave only to advance to another cave which looks exactly the same. This is a free to play game and for that the graphics are quite nice, but the repetitiveness of the scenery gets extremely tiring after a short time.

Dungeon Runners is a hack and slash game where you kill baddies for loot, you hand in quests for gold but no experience, then you buy new skills with your massive amounts of money and repeat the process. There isn't a great sense of direction in the game with many of the quests being amusing at the beginning but begin to wear thin and end up being simply silly, as there really is no storyline. Often the quest titles and language are rough and unprofessional with titles such as 'Noobies Start Here!!' The quests are standard boring stuff comprising of 'kill x monsters' or 'collect x from monsters', or 'talk to x to get another quest which will require you to kill x monsters'. Generally I am fine with the occasional 'kill x monsters' but DR exceeds expectations and wishes in that department.

For the most part fighting is quite fun killing large hordes, yelling in triumph then spending 5 minutes picking up stuff and comparing it to what you are wearing. But I do have a few problems with the system that are tremendously annoying. For instance; you have to point and click to attack the monsters around you, but when you click on a monster to attack you will hit anything between you and that monster. As a ranger I use my crossbow to take out enemies, but when I traget a ranged dps enemy I cannot do any damage to it until the melee monsters have been cleared out of my range of fire. This leads to attacking monsters which you do not mean to be attacking and wasting a lot of time, sometimes resulting in death. Often there is an elite monster in a group of monsters who has a lot more health then the rest and does more damage, and generally you get better loot from killing these fellas'. But the thing is these elite mini-bosses often look exactly the same as normal monsters which means you will only realize that you haven't been clearing the trash but instead slowly taking down an elite which is slow and not nearly as efficient.

There are many more small details about Dungeon Runners that I could comment on but it would not add a whole lot to this post. The game is fun for a while but soon many of the niggly parts of the game show and it gets tired very quickly.


Anonymous said...

The only gold farming is for your own character as there is no way to trade gold in game.

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