Mythic's announcement

The whole WAR world has spun to a halt at the announcement from Mark Jacobs today. While everyone was desperately hoping for good news maybe, maybe the announcement of an upcoming open beta as well as the release date? But no, Mythic just popped in to say that they were taking out some stuff and hiring punkbuster. You can read the article here.

For the most part the exclusions do not effect me. I have always been planning on playing a Warrior Priest, and maybe an Engineer so I am not losing sleep over that any time soon. I noticed that all the classes taken out were melee, which kinda' makes sense as the melee dps is just that; melee dps. Mythic put themselves in a tough position in promising interesting dmg bots. The two tanking classes; Blackguard and Knight of the Burning Sun were very interesting. I know many people were planning to role KoTBS so the news will come as a big blow to them. It did look like a very interesting class to play and its a shame that its going to be taken out. The classes will be where it hurts the most, as many WAR fans had only planned on playing one of the since removed classes. Tough times ahead for them.

The cities I didn't think too much over. I had never been in them, I had never experienced them so I don't really miss them. I just have to say that the Order and Chaos faction cities will have to be no less then brilliant for a large amount for people to be satisfied. I don't think this is going to effect gameplay a whole lot as there will still be plenty of smaller towns which will be sure to become 'mini cities.' And Mythic is sure to add a ton of content to fill up those gaps. I wonder if they are going to have to change the world map to make the factional city best accessible to all races. If so, then that will be a big task.

The disappointment is not just in the news itself, its really the news. Everyone wanted so much for the news to be great that this could be the final straw for many people. I know quite a few people are saying that this will mean the game will be incomplete for the player at the launch but I am certain that this will not be the case. Mythic will cover it up and smooth it over so you will not recognize it. A friend in my guild was furious at the news as it game just a few months after everyone bought the CE and now they change the game, which I think is a good point.

Mythic needs to stop announcing that they have an announcement to make in a few days, get everyone's hope up and then give out some bad news, it just doesn't work. It is setting up more people for more disappointment. As I said, I do not believe that this will effect the gameplay, it will still be as great but it is a disappointment, especially for those who have to rethink their class and perhaps whether they are going to play anymore.

As a final note, Mythic are sure to release the content they took out in later patches. The worst thing they could possibly do though is wait for an expansion and charge people to put that stuff back in. If they do that then they will lose a ton of players, including me.
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