Slow times

The gaming scene for me has come to a standstill for the moment. There is just nothing out there that seems particularly good. I was never interested in AoC. WoW has nothing going for it, and I am definitely not going to try out WotLK, it will just be more of the same even with their new siege ideas. LotRO looks slightly tempting so I jumped on it for a day but it didn't excite me as much as it should have and so I'm not playing that. The blogging community seems to have gone into hibernation, posting endless speculation topics that just get annoying after time.

Tobold started the idea of a card-based mmorpg which didn't seem to go too well. In the comments section people seemed to be ripping it apart. I think the game could be interesting but Tobold is approaching it the wrong way. With the card-only trading scheme, and questing both which aren't particularly well thought out. Tobold's not a game developer, he is just stating his dream game which is fine, but I think he would have given it a bit more thought before releasing it to his 5000+ readership.

E3 is big at the moment. Keen and Graev are giving some interesting coverage but nothing really seems to be going on.
WAR is quiet, but it will be interesting what will be in next month's newsletter.
I am playing Combat Arms at the moment which is surprisingly good. It has recently come out of beta and Nexon are adding some nice new features regularly which is good to see.
Maybe we should make up our own gaming news to keep things moving along I could also always pretend I am playing a game and make up stuff about what I am doing. I am starting to see the advantages of running a blog with more then one person, right now I could do with someone who could write about anything where there really is nothing going on and nothing to say. Anyone?


Crimson Starfire said...

Lol, I'm in complete agreement with you on your synopsis of Tobold's card game posts. I tried so hard to remain interested, but the posts just aren't structured well or something... I wonder how many people are waiting eagerly for the next installment...

As for creating your own news, I find that when I have nothing to blog about, I create a post about what I would do to improve an existing MMO. For some reason, I always have a new suggestion ;)

Thallian said...

Word up. It does seem rather quiet, doesn't it?

@Crimson Btw crimson, that's a good idea :D. Why don't you come comment on my latest post and give me some ideas for the game I'm making? :) (p.s. your tagname is awesome)

Chappo said...

@Crimson, that does seem like a really nice idea. I'll try it out somtime.

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