Holdiays are overrated

Its funny but I'm really not enjoying my holiday. In fact, I don't really ever enjoy them. I hate going to a resort or caravan park, preferring to stay at home. For the past two weeks of these holidays I have just been thinking about how much work I need to get done such as unfinished homework and the like, as well as how much work I will have to do when I get back. I know I will have forgotten nearly everything in most subjects so that will be tough to get back into. I still have to start reading 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens which is a beast of a book which I have started 3 times but haven't got passed the 1st chapter.

And I know that my next holdiays in 10 weeks will suck as well because I won't be able to stop thinking about the exams that will be coming soon after that. In all likelyhood I will be studying for them, or at least revising everything I have forgotten, which will be nearly everything anyway. The timing is horrible because it comes just at the rough-time-estimate of the launch of WAR. So while all the other bloggers will be going mad over their little lives in WAR I will be in a dark dank corner muttering mathematical equations and formulas to myself. All holidays for me are just days where you sit thinking about how much work you are going to have to do, rather then just enjoying myself.

Now, this post was not just meant to be a depressing pill to make you feel guilty about looking forward to life, living, and WAR-well-actually, yeah it was. But I know that when I get back to school things will begin to look up, as I convince myself that there is no point doing the work, and that a pass is a pass and school is not everything, so in the end things will work out ok. And now I have to somehow link all this nonsense back to gaming because thats what this blog is all about. Hmm. Ok, the speculation of something can often be a lot more dramatic and exciting/dreadful then the actual event is. Just like in games where the speculation for a game can a lot more exciting then the actual game is. *cough* Its not very good-in fact its really bad, but my Dad is pushing me off so I can do my math homework.


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