Dungeon Runners interview

Here is part of an interesting interview of one of the Dungeon Runners team, by Gareth Von Kallenbach in mid 2007. You can find the complete interview here.

What is the background and setting for the game please?

The back story for Dungeon Runners is timeless. You’re new in town and you’ve heard about dungeons where you can gain power and riches. Sadly, there are monsters in the dungeons that stand between you and glory. The result? Kill the monsters and grab the loot! Have you guessed that story isn’t a large part of Dungeon Runners? In all honesty, there isn’t an overarching storyline or fiction for the world of Dungeon Runners. However, many quests that you can undertake do present their own mini stories for you to enjoy.

What are some of the player types and their abilities?

Dungeon Runners currently supports playing as a male or female human. There are no special abilities for humans, except looking good! In general, there is one player role that Dungeon Runners supports… monster killer! As a monster killer, you have a wide assortment of abilities at your disposal. Feel free to cut, smash, whack, pummel, burn, freeze, poison, zap or confuse your enemies to death!

With so many MMOPGS on the market and more coming, is it a challenge to reach out to new gamers, especially when many can only afford subscription rates to a few games?

Of course! Getting the attention of players is a difficult job, to say the least. However, we feel that Dungeon Runners fills a unique place in the market. Dungeon Runners is free to download and free to play. This gives potential players a chance to try the game without spending a dime! Dungeon Runners is also a lighthearted game. We poke fun at ourselves and other games in the MMO space with reckless abandon. I find myself laughing out loud as I play on many occasions. Where else can you find a free to play, fun, lighthearted MMO? You can’t!

What are some of the character classes and the strengths and weaknesses of the character classes?

Dungeon Runners sports a classless RPG system… which means you can mix and match skills to make your favorite type of monster killer. This classless system determines your title based on what skills you have, your level and your attributes. However, when creating your character, you will be presented with three basic archetypes – Fighter, Mage and Ranger. Fighters are good at smashing monsters to little bits. Mages excel at burning, freezing or zapping monsters to oblivion. Rangers are really good at poisoning and filling monsters with arrows or shotgun shells. Take your pick! Advanced players can easily mix and match skills to create their own custom class. It’s a lot of fun!

I have to commend them on their enthusiasm. It sounds very much like Paul Barnett in full swing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chappo,

Was reading WAAAGH and followed a link to your blog. Ended up reading your whole section on Dunger Runners. Pretty much spot on, only I was a little more forgiving of it. If you are willing to try playing it again some day, I'd recommend playing the Warrior/fighter class. I played a Ranger to lvl 4, then made a fighter to how it was like and ended up dropping the ranger, even with purple items. Got the fighter to at least 33, I think closer to 40, but stopped there.

The ads *were* a pain, I haven't played much after the bling gnome, but played quite a bit a month or so before it came out. The ads were annoying, mostly on changing levels for me. I didn't die too often as I chose my fights (avoided areas that were just too damaging, like Sisirats lair, for example, since you loved the place :P) but the ads still got me when reloading the place to farm it for loot.

Looking back on it the game really was fun, I only stopped playing to play other games that are keeping my attention. Ads were a pain, the quests were funny and the game never took itself seriously, I liked it. I never plan on paying for it, but the game is quite fun, especially compared to other free games out there.

And I think I actually grouped up with you once, your name looks familar lol Happy blogging, Chappo!


Chappo said...

Thanks for your comment enric. I'm not sure that you would have met me ingame as I only joined a group once or twice and it didn't last long. My review was quite harsh as I wrote it after playing it for a while so my emotions at the time were all over the place. Probably not best to write something like that hwile in a bad mood. :D
My brother started a fighter and and it was ridiculous, he was far more powerful without having any better gear, in fact I believed I had quite better stuff then him. I think after spending that much time on my ranger I was fed up with this and it was the final straw.
It was fun for a while but the sustenance and gameplay, imo, wasn't there.

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