A slightly delayed opinion on Diablo 3

At the moment the whole gaming community in clamoring over the recent announcement of Diablo 3. Nearly all the blogs I read have given their opinion on the news and what they think it means for a third Diablo to come out, many commenting on how Blizzard's massively popular World of Warcraft will effect the reception to their new addition to a much loved series.

Suprisingly many people reading these blogs gave strongly opinionated comments stating their surprise at Blizzard's decision to bring out another Diablo, stating that they couldn't see how the hack and slash style of gaming is any fun, and even more so with it being the third in the series. I was interested by this because, by comparison, when a new, excellent fps in a series such as Call of Duty comes out people don't go about saying how they can't understand how anyone could enjoy it; that they played it and it sucked, that they wanted a refund, that it was sooooo boring, and they just can't understand how it could be entertaining to anyone else. Now, normally people don't do stuff like that but its understandable I guess because of Diablo's unique nature and Blizzard's history with WoW.

Blizzard made a pretty daring decision to make a game that is loot focused in which you have to kill masses and masses of enemies. There was so much potential for disaster there and yet they managed to pull it off. Then they made WoW which now has over 10 million subscribers. Now everyone thinks this translates to whether they will change from the roots of Diablo to something that may use some of the magic from WoW to get more people to play Diablo 3. Fanboys all over the place are sitting in dark corners with their fingers crossed, screwing up their eyes wishing for Diablo to stay the same, and in the end I think this is what Blizzard is going to do.

The game looks great so far, and it will be interesting to see what the response to it will be when it is released.


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