Dungeon Runners adventures 4

Lvl 8 and things were starting to get slightly repetitive, so I changed tack and decided to slow down in the game and try to enjoy its different aspects. I started reading the quests and they were surprisingly amusing. Nearly all my quests involve something in Algernon so I ventured back in there.
I ran around for a few hours killing beasties and getting more quests, picking up some nice loot, and then I died for the first time. At first I was wondering what was going to happen but then the screen faded out and I was watching an ad for a shoe for about 15 seconds. When it was over I was standing back at Townston, I checked my inventory fearing that I would have lost some gear but was surprised to find that nothing had disappeared; I hadn't lost any gold, and no items were damaged as there isn't any damage system. Then I realized the problem; I had been ported out of Algernon so now I would have to spend ages run back through all the levels that I had already cleared to get to where I was originally. Sighing, I thought I would make the most of being in Townston and clear out some trash from my inventory, noticing that I was getting quite wealthy, up to about $30000. I didn't really want to run all the way back to where I had died so I clicked hopefully on the big stone portal thingy and was relieved that it offered an option to port me right back to the level where I had died. I clicked on it and was ported back to the entrance of Algernon level 3. Once there it was easy to run back to where I had died and kill the monsters.

While easy on the player, this dying system really isn't too good because the challenge really isn't there anymore, there is no punishment in dying, so theoretically you can take down a massive high level mob by killing off one guy at a time, then porting back and killing another.

Anyway, I got up to level 5 in Algernon doing quite well, but getting quite bored at the sameness of everything when I noticed someone advertising free gear in 'noob chat.' It was a sweet purple item ranged weapon, so I whispered to him that I would like it even though I was lvl 10 while the item was lvl 20. He was really kind and gave it to me anyway so I finished off the day on a high note. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more varied, as it basically was same old same old today.


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