My brief affair with EVE Online

After urgings from some friends I was persuaded to give EVE Online a shot a few days ago. I wasn't really interested in the idea or concept of an mmorpg centered around spaceships but I am utterly bored at the moment and would have given pretty much anything a go at that point.

Before starting the game you need to choose a race, some sort of clan or something, some stats, attributes and other confusing stuff that is not fully explained. It was interesting that they put in so many options of character customization when I thought the whole game was focused around the massive spaceships, although they could be there just to create a more in-depth, realistic feel to the game. So, I picked at random buttons, not really reading or caring what the different options were as I really just wanted to get into the game. As the last option I was able to finely adjust the facial features of my character. I was able to make his jaw wider or thinner, longer or shorter, I could extend his cheekbones and other crazy stuff like that. It took me at least five minutes before I had finally settled on a particular face and even then I would have liked to mess around a bit longer.

After finishing off the face I entered the game tutorial of sorts. It was fairly simple and easy and I liked the camera freedom but I was lost in all the option menus and fancy buttons. Maybe its just me (And it probably is) but I like simplicity. But once again I say it may have been designed like that to give the player a sense of realism, as if they are actually in control of a real spaceship. And in this way the game really achieves this. The only problem is I don't really want to be in charge of a massive spaceship with all its fiddly buttons and controls; too much responsibility and confusion. Then again I also could be a simpleton and in fact the controls and buttons could be simple to learn and adapt to, which I think is the most likely.

After killing some baddies, and mining an astronaut, I mean asteroid, I went over to a base to dock my ship. At this point I thought it would give a me an opportunity to run around with my crazy toon in an advanced city but all that happened was I got a boring picture of my spaceship floating around with even more options then usual surrounding it. The tutorial thingy introduced me to the 'agent' option that supplies me with quests supposedly. Slightly confused I got my first quest and looked at it, it was complicated and once again confusing. One minute later I quit the game.

Now, I am not saying at all that the game is rubbish, in fact I know many people that consider it a great game and I believe that it is for many people. I am just saying that it didn't entertain me for the first 15 minutes and so I quit. Maybe it is because it is because I am part of the new generation that needs instant gratification, and the fact that I seem to get confused easily. But I think that everyone has their own tastes and EVE Online didn't really match mine.

But that wasn't quite the end of my EVE adventuring. A bit later I remembered my enjoyment with the character customization and logged back in to give it another go. This time I picked a different race so the base figure I started with was different. I spent the next 45 minutes messing around and I have put in screenshots of the results of my efforts. Even if you don't like the concept of a spaceship mmorpg, try out EVE Online character customization as it really is entertaining.


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