Speculation on WAR

Its been a quiet couple of days and I have only been dabbling in various games with none particularly interesting me and, once again, my mind returns to longing for WAR to come out. This post is just some random thoughts written down.

I love everything that Mythic say they are going to do be doing in the game except for the crafting which I think will suck. In the end everyone will go scavenger and loot during RVR making it rather boring. Mythic love their non-recipe idea but I can guarantee within weeks all the best combinations will be widely available for the general public and no one will bother to experiment anymore. Mythic however could subtly improve and add combinations regularly that are even better then the ones on the internet but this most likely will not be done owing to that crafting could become overpowered extremely quickly.

Mythic have made it a nightmare to choose which class I will role and currently I am torn between the engineer, warrior priest, and perhaps hammerer, with the warrior priest looking the most inviting at the moment. I had been planning on playing one for quite a few months now and I was disappointed to hear that Mythic claimed that the 'healer' classes would be probably the most powerful in the game. I knew this would cause a ton of nooby players change their ideal class and on launch there is going to be an overload of 'healers'. As the supposedly most powerful class, healers will dominate the servers and everyone will hate them, then they'll get nerfed and no one will play them anymore. Of course this is all speculation as I haven't actually tried any of the classes and my judgment is based entirely on class info released by Mythic, I long for Open Beta where I will finally be able to try out all the classes.

I was interested to note that Mythic were promoting their classes like crazy; everywhere I go people are asking which side they will fight for and what class they are going to role. I'm not certain about other mmorpgs but as far as I can tell in no other game have so many players decided what class they were going to go before the launch, let alone the beta. I doubt too many players pre-WoW were discussing whether the paladin was cooler then the druid. The sheer number and diversity of the classes offers a choice to each player's desire, from the massive (stupid) choppers to the crazy-cool witch hunter. I think the choice to tone down the leveling time for the player was a brilliant call by Mythic as more people will be able to play their favorite classes to the cap at a comfortable pace, without being burnt out by their first toon. Many people can be scared away by the prospect of spending a seemingly huge amount of time reaching the lvl cap.

Scenarios are getting more interesting by the month, cities look great, PvE is taking shape so everything and everyone is looking forward.


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