Viewing statistics

Syp over at WAAAGH! just hit the 100k viewer milestone the other day. And he did it in 4 months which is ludicrously fast. Syncaine hit the 100k mark shortly before his first year anniversary of blogging which I thought was impressive enough. /random made a post about being a blogger which was interesting. Some of the comments from legendary bloggers such as Keen and Graev were that all the 'advertising' they did was through commenting on others' blogs.
Anyway I think I am up to 20 total views or something by now after a bit over a month of blogging but I'm looking forward and 50 views holds no fear for me.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!!!

Crimson Starfire said...

Hey Chappo,

I wouldn't worry too much about the statistics. I've had my blog going for about 3 months now and I've only got 500 hits or so total. Keep posting comments on other peoples blogs and soon your hits will increase. Another good way is to sign up to 'StumbleUpon'.

You've got a great blog, you just need to play the waiting game ;)

Keep up the good work.

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