Grouping thoughts: RoM vs. WAR

I hit level 20/20 in RoM yesterday. That means I'm level 20 with my primary class (Scout) as well as my secondary class (Priest). Runes of Magic for me has been almost a completely solo game so far. I have only grouped once and that was so I could quickly loot some bodies, and aside from I have simply quested on my own. Its quite a big difference from WAR which was all about grouping. Everything in WAR centered around being in a group and working as a team while RoM really leaves you to yourself. There are a few elite quests scattered around that you will need a group to complete but it is often hard to get a group for these. Its interesting to see how two MMORPGs approach the multiplayer aspect completely differently.

The end-game of RoM is very similar to WoW in that it is centered around raiding. From what I have heard even the easiest raiding instance in quite hard and you will need an organized and balanced group to complete it. This seems a rather large jump from the previous levels where you are simply expected to run around by yourself and complete quests. I expect a lot of players who never grouped once will reach the endgame and find that they cannot get a group or have no idea what to do when they are in one. At 20/20 I haven't entered a proper instance yet but I am hoping that once I get to 25/25 that I will do one as I have heard of an instance called Forsaken Abbey which I think is the lowest level instance. I also have a couple of quests for it so hopefully I can get a good group and knock off some of them.


Crimson Starfire said...

Just out of interest, would you say you are enjoying RoM more than WAR?

Chappo said...

Hmm, I'm enjoying it but in a different way to WAR. In WAR I loved the PvP in the early game and the small skirmishes...I was in bliss when this happened. So early in WAR I was enjoying myself more then I have done so in RoM. But in the end-game for WAR I really disliked the game...really enjoying very little at all.

In RoM I can just sit down and play without worrying that I'm not making the most of my time/money. Its a very relaxing and easy game to play. So in a way I'm enjoying it more then WAR, but I don't think it will ever top that first half of WAR.

br3ntbr0 said...

I have to say that I am really enjoying RoM...waaaay more so than I thought I would. I am only 11 rogue/11 scout at the moment, so I have alot left to experience and decide if I like or not. But for a free to play game...color me impressed.

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