Is everyone in RoM French? I mean, who would need 370 frog legs??

I made a post a while back about making your own challenge in a game that offers very little. Well, I have reached this point when playing with my Scout. I have been hanging around in Aslan Valley for longer then I can remember now with my Scout and seemingly always doing the same daily quest over and over again; collecting frog legs. The reason is that the mobs are pretty easy to kill and the drop rate is pretty decent, that and the fact that the daily requires me only to collect 10 instead of some others which require 18 along with a dismal drop rate. In Aslan Valley there appears to be a complete lack of quests available for me to do so I have been just doing constant dailys. Through this I have collected over 1000 tokens now, but it almost made me quit the game.

After killing innumerable amounts of hairy frogs and collecting 370 frog legs I gave up and decided to move on from these mobs who were 3-4 levels below me, and try to complete some dailys that required me to kill some higher levels. Now here it the thing in RoM; If a mob is just 2 levels higher then you, the chance of you dying is greatly increased and fights go for a lot longer. And this is what I am happy to do. When grinding on frogs I could just shut down my brain and spam two buttons, but with these higher level mobs I need to be constantly checking my health, chucking quick heals and trying to bring them down as fast as possible. Finally a challenge!

Now killing the higher levels and handing in the daily quests doesn't give me as much xp as the frog legs, but I reckon I'll go made if I kill anymore frogs. So at the moment I'm killing tree REnts (Wait...Ents?) and collecting their branches. Its like playing my priest again; healing myself a lot and being aware of what is around me, because the Ents hit hard! I remember I was talking to someone while fighting an Ent, and forgot to chuck a HoT on myself before I pulled him and was killed in a matter of seconds. I guess its like playing with fire; dangerous but so much more interesting!


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