Challenge yourself (Personal post)

Have you ever gotten the urge to do something crazy? Wait, scratch that. Have you ever gotten the urge to do something crazy, but then it continues on well past the moment when you thought that it would be a crazy thing to do? I mean, like playing Halo for 24 hours straight without a break, or making a video every day for a year. Now, I said a month or so ago that I would try and write 500 words a day for 6 months and in a way it was successful, but mostly it was a bit disappointing. I did start off well, by planning out the story and what would happen but inevitably I lost interest in what I was writing. The thing for me was that I knew what was going to happen later on and I was excited for that to happen, but at the time I was stuck with character development/talking etc. That made me think that if I was getting tired of writing some parts, then the reader would too.

So I'm not writing it at the moment, but will definitely have a good look at it when I finish school and have my gap year. Now I am the kind of guy who, if I don't have a challenge, will just do nothing so I often set myself challenges/goals like the '500 words a day'. Right now I am also trying to design my own magazine, which, while it is quite a slow process, has been quite fun. But all of these goals have been toned down after a while as school comes crashing in, so I'm looking for something crazy to do that won't take too much time from school. Maybe I should get ripped. Maybe just draw a portrait every day. Maybe on the day after my last exam for the year I will game for 24 hours. Who knows? I'm going to have a think about it and come to a decision, right now I want to do something that will go from now till the end of my exams towards the end for the year. We'll how things go from here.


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