Photshopping Mag Cover (Again)

I was bored so decided to set myself the task of designing my own magazine, and started off by creating a magazine cover.
The thing I notice nowadays is that magazine covers for gaming always seem clogged up with fluff to look at, whereas I prefer the clean, simple look. Which do you prefer?


Crimson Starfire said...

That's pretty damn good. You managed to get the arm to look like it was passing over the title, which is impressive. I'd recommend putting drop shadows on your text though because white is a little difficult to read on the chosen background.

Nice work!

Chappo said...

Yeh, this wasn't the final copy, I adjusted some stuff after I made this one a JPEG file. I was pondering whether to use a different colour but none of them seemed to work very well. In the end I settled for a simple black outlining of the text. But thanks for the encouragement! :)

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