So I have been messing around with photoshop recently as a friend gave it to me for try out. As I want to be a graphic artist I thought that I might as well teach myself some skills now. So after having a look on the internet for some tutorials, I practiced a bit on photoshop and was encouraged about how easy it was when explained in simple steps. After a while I decided to venture out my myself and decided to have a go at fiddling with the lighting effects. So I copied this photo;

And after a bit of messing around achieved this;

So I'm still trying out new things and hopefully will have more stuff to show you later.


Crimson Starfire said...

Not bad, not bad. I enjoy messing around with Photoshop sometimes. Unfortunately my artistic skill is a little low, so the results are often a bit average. I've been taking a drawing class to try and improve those skills, but I can see that it is going to take a lot of practice.

Are you planning on going into design/arts once you finish school? I wish I had of done design instead of software engineering. So much more fun being creative rather than mathematical.

Keep up the good work!

Chappo said...

At the moment I am planning on having a gap year after school where I'll get a job and work on my writing/drawing/photoshopping skills. I also want to do some work experience with a graphic designer so I get to know what is required etc. The perhaps I'll go and do a graphic design course at uni, but not certain about this as the one I want to go to is a trek of a distance away.

Thallian said...

Keep it up Chappo, you can actually get a job with photoshop skillz, though learning 3D art helps too :)

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