I like squishiness over spammyness

I haven't written much on RoM lately, but I am still playing it. School has been quite consuming and haven't had a lot of time to play. Well yesterday marked the official launch of RoM and this included new instances and quests not available during the Open Beta. I'm assuming all this is at the end game because I haven't seen any changes as yet. I'm level 25 with my Scout and 22 with my Priest. The time it takes to level my scout now is getting tiring and frustrating; there are virtually no quests in the area where I am trying to level so often I found myself just going through endless daily quests. One of the easiest daily quests I found was collecting frog legs and handing them in, this worked well as the quest only required 10 of them and the drop rate was quite quick.

There has been a nerf on the Scout however, as apparently it was quite overpowered previously. I can see a small difference in how long it takes for me to burn down mobs, but it hasn't effected me too greatly. The problem I'm having is that my Scout really has very few abilities; only two that I really ever use. This makes grinding even more tedious where I just spam one or two buttons only to stop to chuck a HoT on me. So after farming 300 frog legs and handing them in for dailies I decided to level up my priest who was sitting back on level 20. This turned out to create a lot more enjoyment for me. To start with, the area where I am leveling is packed with quests and from 20-22 I have only done about 2 dailies because I haven't had the need. Also with my priest I have a wider variety of spells and because of my squishiness I need to monitor my health/mana etc. something I never needed really to do with my Scout.

I'm trying to hit 25/25 as quickly as possible so I can have a look at the instance: forsaken abbey, where I have a couple of quests. I'm not quite sure what role I will play in it as demand for the Scout might not be very high. So, after going through quite a bad phase of not playing due to school/grinding dailies all the time, I have started to really enjoy my time again leveling my priest. In fact, overall, I have enjoyed playing on my priest a lot more then my scout. I also want to get into a guild so I can have more of the game open to me, and it does get quite boring sometimes just playing by yourself.


Makkaio said...

Thanks to you and a whole mess of coverage today I am downloading the RoM client as I type this. Thanks for the suggestion. I put you in my blogroll on my site.

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