22" for microsoft word! Why????

Hit 27/25 yesterday. I seem to have finally got over the lack of quests for my Scout in Aslan Valley. Except now I'm starting to get a lot of quests that require me to kill at least 20 of one mob. If its a 'collect 20 Xs' then it often requires me to kill a whole lot more as the drop rates often aren't too great. But the bonus of these large kill quests is daily quests. Before I had been relying totally on dailies to level but now they just come hand in hand with my other quests. For instance, today I was given a quest that required me to kill 7 of each kind of Ent in the area. Now, each of these Ents drop some branches which can be handed for dailies. Now the drop rate on the branches are not too high, but by the time I had finished the quest requiring me to kill all the Ents I had gathered enough branches to complete one daily. So an extra 2.2k experience + tokens + TP. It ain't bad.

I have also recently joined a guild which turned out to be a good way to freshen up the grind. A lot of the people in the guild are quite a bit higher then me and so I often get lost in their discussions of higher end stuff, nevertheless I am enjoying myself.

In other news my Dad was given a 22" screen 190000:102090 monitor for work ie. typing up speeches and reading political blogs. QQ


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