Hey guys, just a bit of an update about life and love (aka gaming). I recently dinged 17 and had quite a quiet birthday, nothing flashy which was nice. I got some money which I am torn between saving to buy a new screen or getting some games in future. (Dragon Age: Origins) School has been quite heavy on me lately, although compared to others I do little to no study. I recently got the lowest mark I have ever got in two years at school in Applicable maths so I need to raise my game, especially as my Dad is a math tutor. Although I do contest that it wasn't 100% my fault because I was sick of the entire weekend and first few days of the week before the test on Wednesday so I couldn't study.

Because of all of this I haven't been gaming a whole lot, and virtually none at all of RoM. This is mainly because my interest has slightly waned and also because I discovered one of my gaming loves from childhood; Stronghold. This is quite an epic castle building sim which I have been playing with my brother for the past few days. I haven't abandoned RoM as yet, but my playtime has been massively reduced and may be even more so if I decide to resub to WAR.

I got the email today offering my a 10 day free pass to try out all the changes and am going to try it out. I truly hope the game has had big a change as I have heard. I am desperate to try out the Choppa class but my main aim will be hitting 40 with my Sorcerer. But I still don't know whether it will work out. My RoM videos on youtube seem quite popular so might be persuaded to keep on making them. We'll see how we go. :)


Thallian said...

is stronghold that old one where you can be elves, dwarves, humans or halflings and you build stuff with territorial disputes with monster dens and stuff?

Chappo said...

Nope, you can only be human. You start with just a few servants and you need to collect resources to build walls or make weapons/armour which you can use to make soldiers. But that was an early version (2001) and there might be later ones that have that sort of rubbish :D

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