Can they make an MMO on anything..or is a unwritten law not to do so?

I begin to wonder. I heard recently that Vin Diesel thought it would be fun just to make his own MMO, you know, cos he thinks it would be cool. Now, when we think about an MMO we automatically think orcs, elves, fantasy, raiding, grind. Its a lethal combination that works. There are a thousand and one Korean clones out there which all play the same and have nothing going for them. The rate at which these games seem to be churned out is incredible. So if the Koreans are breeding MMOs like crazy and Vin Diesel can make up a MMO because he thinks it will be fun then why aren't we getting better quality stuff? I mean, what do all those Koreans think when they release their game? Do they actually believe they have made a great game?

Just for once, can we have an MMO without the obligatory grind, (I mean if you can't create decent middle-game content just cut out leveling all together) for once can we have an MMO that has a different story/setting/character/classes? Surely, with all these MMOs being pumped out it wouldn't be too much of an effort to do so. I just wonder if Vin Diesel's MMO would have orcs in it and have "war" in the title somewhere...


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