Dual classing is like powerleveling someone who never says thanks.

The title basically says it all. Previously I promised myself that I wouldn't choose my secondary class until I hit 50 with my primary or until I got utterly bored out of my brain with him, however I soon realized that the game has been designed for toons that have dual-class going. The mobs for their level are much much harder to kill and I realized that I was just making it hard on myself by delaying. By the time I found myself desperately spamming pots to stay alive like I was playing Diablo 2 on Insanely Brutal I figured that it was time to make a change. I had chosen the scout class because they seemed to be able to pour out insane damage but as a result of this I was quite squishy. The Scout plays like a hunter in WoW except without a pet. As a result of my failing ability to survive battles without relying on pots I decided to set a Priest as my secondary class. This means I will have a quick 1sec healing spell and a 20sed HoT at my disposal all the time.

But to get these abilities up to the level of my primary character (17) I had to do many of the low level quests once again. These generally involve Daily quests which can be done daily obviously. These generally required me to kill 20 baddies which, even though I was much higher then them, still took a fair amount of time. So I would kill all the mobs with my Scout and then quickly change back to the priest before handing the quest in. This process continues on and on and reminded so much of powerleveling another character. My Scout would do all the work with only a little help from my Priest and the Priest would get all the rewards. The only reason that I am helping this little hanger-on is as he gets more powerful his spells, which I can use, get more powerful. Mind you, despite the compromise, I'm not looking forward to continuing along this way for the rest on my game time...something has going to have to change.


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