Choices, choices, choices

I received COD2 in the mail the other day, after looking for something to waste some of my precious study time with and have been enjoying quite a lot. I have never been particularly good at FPS games, mainly because I don't like the extremely competitive nature of most of them.

At the core I am a MMORPG person and am still looking for the one true one. I have been tempted on many occasions to take up both WAR and LotRO again. Its been a long long time since I have played LotRO and since I quit I have heard nothing but good news about it. I adored the PvE book aspect of the game and would love to try it out again some time.

WAR also has been calling to me, as I often think about how many fun times I had in the PvP. I loved the graphics and RvR, but in the end there wasn't enough variety of good quality end-game to keep me there. I am considering resubbing when the Choppa comes out, because I think the class looks fantastic.

Lastly I have been having a look at Guild Wars 2. I haven't played the original but reading some of the FAQ of GW2 it looks like it is going to be a very popular MMORPG option, especially with the unique pricing option.


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