Have I always been like this?

Today I was playing ROM and had just finished my fifth 'kill roughly 10 n00bs' quest which had taken me a fair amount of time, when I realized that I was enjoying myself. I didn't mind that all the quests had no connecting story and the NPCs simply wanted me to clear away the riffraff of bizarre creatures around where they stand. I didn't mind that all the creatures looked the same and the fights required to kill them was exactly the same. I don't know what it is. The game seems pretty stock standard, certainly not original in any way, yet I feel comfortable and perfectly content to spend all my time grinding.

In fact that is all I have actually done so far. I haven't tried out crafting aside from picking up some wood and herbs. I haven't participated in any PvP even though I am on a PvP server. I haven't bothered with the dual class system. And I haven't even joined a group, let alone do some quests with one or an instance. Maybe it is simply the fact that it is a game I haven't played before and will very soon tire of the grind, but at the moment I don't mind it at all.

Nothing says 'Hardcore' quite like a plain brown robe.

What has happened to me??!! I quit WAR because there seemed to be no end-game and all I seemed to be was grinding on mobs, yet that is all I have done in ROM so far! Has ROM done the grind bbetter then WAR? Maybe I have finally lost it....


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