RoM music isn't (in fact) completely horrible!

Normally I don't really listen to the music in MMOs, preferring to turn the in-game stuff right down and open up a link and listen to the radio online. I have done ever since leaving WoW and for the first time I turned off the radio just so I could enjoy the in-game music. And it was while I was playing RoM. Today I played for a tad over an hour and all I ways really doing was either 'kill x quests' or simple 'talk to x quests' with nothing for company bu the music. I was actually extremely impressed as the quality is very high.

But this isn't a gushing post because there is an issue I want to raise. I'll say it again that I don't know a whole lot about RoM, I just picked it up and started grinding, but I am discovering a few new things. While grinding away on some bandits, the crazy respawn time stuffed me over when a bandit spawned moments after I had killed him, and I hadn't even looted him. So I died and ran back to my body to find out that as a result of dying I had received a 'debt'. This debt had to repaid, except with my own experience points and TP. (Training Points??)Now call me a carebear addict but this is one of my most hated aspects of any game. Every time I see that a game has an experience penalty for dying I avoid it like a rabid chipmunk.

But despite my misgivings about this new discovery I will keep on grinding and see where it takes me in Runes of Magic...


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