My baby's first birthday

Well I'm a bit late but I just realized that this blog has existed for over a year now. It seems forever since I first began writing, and looking back I'm really glad I did. I'm not sure whether my writing now would have been as bad as it was back then if I hadn't done this blog, but I like to think so. :P
Hmm, that's assuming it has improved at all, eheheheheh.
It sure had its ups and downs, and long absences but we made it.
Normally people would go about quoting how many views they've got, and how many comments but I stopped using the counter on my blog a long time ago. So I really have no idea how many people visit this blog, but nevertheless its comforting to talk to empty space and imagine someone is there laughing at all your jokes. *cough* This is getting embarrassing...

Because its nostalgia for me I'm going to go through the ages, talking about how the blog developed and linking embarrassing posts.

June 3rd: My first post. An innocent beginning into the bright harsh world of the internet.
June 7th: My first venture on youtube, and added a short-lived feature of featuring youtube videos on my blog.
June 8th: Myself being an experienced blogger of five days I felt it necessary to impart my knowledge with the inexperienced horde.
June 18th: Realizing my destiny of blogging about games.
July 8th: Talking about WAR, and getting my hopes bloated on hype.
August 3rd: Only about 19 years now...
Sep 7th: It didn't work out. /sigh
Jan 21st: Mm, not bad, lotta brown buddy.
Fed 24th: Discovered the game that would make me a youtube celebrity :D (Yeah right)
March 15th: Still playing it, my record is 6 wins against my brother in just over a half hour. Great game. :P
April 9th: RoM marathon, good times
May 2nd: New record is over 12 million I think.
June 4th: I didn't do that well in those exams, and completely forgot it was my blog's birthday +1 day.

Well that was interesting. I'll see you in another year. :D


Thallian said...

Congrats Chappo! Thanks for the links too, it was fun to go read the pivotal moments on your blog ;)

teddlesking said...

now all we need is RoM Vids

Teddlesking said...

Oh and im going to enter your contest
I play xbox live and RoM
Im 16, level 29/29 on RoM at the moment, i can commentate on my videos and i am definately looking for the 50/50
Ive been a subscriber since your WaR videos.

I will enter a few of my videos in your contest and i hope you will watch =)

Teddlesking said...

Ooops one last thing, the leeroy jenkins video i will be entering is a double effort video with me and molekiid, as we live about 2 mins from each other =)

Anton said...

Congratulations on the milestone!

Crimson Starfire said...

Nice work dude.

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