This is going to hurt

Well, I have gone and done it. I blame it on my brother. School has finally finished for a few weeks and the first thing I have gone and done is got myself into something crazy. This morning as I was about to leave for school my brother arrived at the house. Turns out he had spent the whole time at uni studying to death for a test. Naturally a bit of sibling rivalry started and suddenly I found myself locked into doing something stupid. Owing to my brother, I am going to be playing RoM for 24 hours straight.

I mentioned doing something crazy in a post earlier, and this is it. It might seem like something that isn't too original or insane as others have done before me but consider the fact that I generally spend about 2 hours playing on average. I am going to start at 1800 hours today (Thursday) and finish at 1800 tomorrow. Don't worry, you will get in on all the action as I will make a quick post every 2 hours, and later I will put up a vid onto youtube documenting this. Its going to hurt, and I'm afraid I will fall asleep in the middle of the night, but we'll see how we go. One day I will look back and laugh at my stupidity and certainly remember RoM with utter loathing. :D

So, I'm off to stock up with energy and water/rest before my marathon begins in a bit over 2 hours.


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