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Well, looking back at my previous posts yesterday I reckon I was getting pretty mad towards the end of it. I didn't manage to play for 24 hours, in the end it was less then 20, but nevertheless it did seem to take a millennium. By the time I went to bed I had gone 40 hours without sleep and when I woke up this morning I felt even more tired then when I went to bed. 40 hours may not seem like a huge amount, but I got to bed at 9 most nights and sleep for at least 10 hours every night, so it was quite a long time for me.

But lets talk about the game. I never really got bored of RoM as nearly the entire time I had some quests to do, likely thanks to Frogster adding a whole lot of content to the 30-39 bracket. At one point I just dedicated a few hours to grinding out 100 pieces of meat for my 10 daily quests. Towards the start I did pretty well for myself and didn't die once, and then all of sudden they came fast and furious. A few times I was killed by lag, once I was killed by an elite guy in a quest which I didn't realize was meant for a group, and I was also killed by an area with an INSANE amount of mobs. I'm talking about having to kill about three mobs to move a tiny distance, and these mobs were tough, very tough. As quests get sparser it grows more important to be able to hand them in without 70% of it going to your experience debt.

Throughout the whole time I completed innumerable amounts of 'kill x' 'collect x' quests but there was a good variety of mobs which kept it relatively interesting. I've said it before, but I must be different to a lot of other people because I prefer the 'kill x' quests to any other. I'm starting to think that I have already developed a habit of thinking that these quests will give more experience. At the moment mobs about two levels above me give approx 200xp, with mobs my level giving 100xp. This is tiny compared to the quests which require me to kill these mobs which doll out 8-13k experience. I enjoyed my time a lot, when I got utterly tired I put on an audio CD which got me through the tough times, and overall I went from 29(almost 30)/25 to 34(almost 35)/25. If it took that long to level that much, then I'm pretty apprehensive about 40-50 :P

Oh and:

My record is 22k :D


Crimson Starfire said...

Lol, awesome! I did a CoH/CoV marathon with Melf over Easter Sat and Sun, but nothing as hardcore as you. We only played for 12 hours, then got 8 hours sleep, then played another 12 hours.

We used to do the 20 hour+ LANS, but now it's just so much easier if you get sleep in between. Still good fun though ;)

Nice work.

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