RoM Review (Design more-so)

I have decided to share with you guys the two-page review that I did of RoM as part of my design-my-own-mag project. I quickly typed up the review so it needs a lot of editing, but the main thing I wanted to concentrate on was the design of the review. Here is the first version of the review;

I wasn't completely happy with the colour scheme there as I thought there was too much white in the picture, and the text was a little overwhelming. So after a bit of tweaking I got this:

Much happier with this one, but still there is a lot of room for improvement!


Crimson Starfire said...

Dude, that is leet!

I'd recommend a pros and cons section as well as a quick summary. If I can't be bothered reading the review, I just look at the pro/cons and the score. I love the backdrops, they work really well.

Chappo said...

Thanks mate. I was pondering whether or not to do a pro + con part, I guess I hate the idea of people not bothering to read all that writing :D

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