Soemthing, something, fail (11.00am)

Just got back and logged into RoM. Was immediately hit by 5k ping and a Cyclop monster on steroids. I helplessly hit a few buttons and waited to see if anything registered. I got my answer a minute later when I caught up with time and found my poor self once again KBL (Killed By Lag) something that is becoming all too frequent in this game. RoM is just getting unplayable for me during any time when other people are playing. Weekends are unplayable, and the holidays are likely to be unplayable and this is just ridiculous. Something needs to be done about the stability of the servers and there certainly should be more to accommodate the large interest in the game. I picked 'International English' as my ideal server type-thing but all the servers available to me are located in Europe....???
The amount of times I have been KBL is obscene and what makes it worse is the experience debt which is just getting bigger and bigger and taking longer to burn off. /rage
Thus I am abandoning my 24 hour vigil of RoM, and widening my horizons ie. playing Stronghold with my brother. Ah well, finally I get to play something that I am good at :D


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