Reporting in (3.15am)

6 hours. Sort of. Wireless didn't start working for quite a while so only played an hour or so since my last post. Feel pretty much the same as last time. Nothing to report. Began to listen to my audio book. Wow, this sounds like a space ship captain's log, or someone on twitter. :(


Thallian said...

Can he make it folks? Runes of Magic for 24 hours? Can he do it? Oh and its ding! another level, whats that? oh you just creamed again.. and the crowd goes wild!! He's grouped up with some people now, could be trouble, looks like they are going to run a dungeon. Except someone in the group doesn't know where to go, and the first group member there wants to start right now! Will our hero be able to keep his cool? Stay tuned to find out!

Chappo said...

Bah, it was a noob group anyway

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