What's your excuse?

A couple of days ago a user on youtube left a comment on one of my videos. In the video I was detailing why I quitting RoM, and he interpreted my bottom line as "the game is boring." He (I assume it was a he) considered being bored with a game obviously to be a completely insufficient reason to stop playing it. But I thoroughly disagree.

A game's purpose is to entertain those who play it, and if it fails on that level then it really failed altogether. If you are not enjoying a game then, seeing as you have no obligation to play it, discontinuing to play it is a very logical and reasonable step. Of course, not every game is going to be entertaining 100% of the time, but most people aren't going to quit a game the moment it fails to interest or entertain them for a single moment.

It also depends on the pacing of a game. The dialogue, story, and problem solving in a game such as Half Life 2 are of a very high level, but could be considered boring compared to shooting baddies. Nevertheless, without the slower sections, the "shooting baddies" section would get monotonous in itself. All good games will slow down their pace at some point, unless the action is absolutely brilliant, the question is whether the slower pace is as enjoyable and entertaining as the faster action.

If none of us quit a game when it became boring and samey, we still would all be playing pong.


Zizlak said...

It's imo a total valid point to quit a game if it doesn't entertain you and it's just boring to you.

Most folks just derive from this, that the game is in general boring and shouldn't be interesting to anyone. (I'm not speaking about RoM, because I've never played it)

It's all just a matter of taste on how you can have fun in a game.
Just to quote Monty Python: You are all different! ;)

Anton said...

There are simply too many games to just play the same one all the time!

"Quitting a game" is a funny term, but I don't mind you using it anyways ;)

It makes it sound like games are prescription, not subscription... And RoM is F2P anyways.

Mrbonchapeau said...


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