Battle of the Immortals ain't doing it too badly

So I have been dabbing my hand once more into the wonderful pool of free MMOs. This time it involved a game currently in closed beta: Battle of the Immortals. Its an impressive name, projecting heroic images of massive champions, legendary battles and perhaps some CSGWWNEDBTSATEAOVGs (Cash shop gods who will never ever die because they spend all their excessive allowance on video games)

The developers have put up a lot a big PR smoke screen underlining how unique their game is and how fun it is, as well as how balanced the cash shop will most certainly be. Undeneath all the fluff stands a game with generic classes, little variation in terms of questing, and a massive push in customisation of gear. And I feel that if the developers play their cards right, this game could be a massive hit.

You see, from what I saw there are over 130 levels, but within the first 30 levels, which anyone can reach in no time at all, everyone had a crazy weapon, a full set of armour including a cape, a mount which looks very nice, and a pet that each player can chose and level up. BoI has the best starting couple of hours in a free MMO that I have ever played.

Eveeryone loves to look like a one-man rave party in their games, but usually getting all the fancy glowing gear takes months of grinding and boredom before someone else jumps the line by getting it all out of the cash shop. With BoI providing some very nice looking items at the very start, it will pull in a massive number of players who are used to starting with a cardboard sword and apron when they first enter the game.

BoI is very much like a Diablo MMO with a high level of gear customisation, and for most players MMOs are all about the gear and showing off. I'm certain the big old F2P MMO grind will appear and smack every player saying "Use the Cash Shop" but fingers crossed it won't be too bad. I'm going to be playing at launch, but I'm not sure how long for or how seriously, but it will be interesting to see how this game developes.

Oh, and I'm making previews on every BoI class which you can check out on my youtube channel.


Anonymous said...

This Isn't about gaming but I would really like to say that I am enjoying the fact that you are posting more blogs and videos faster. Please keep this up :D

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at "Forsaken World" yet, Beta should be out soon

Sam Houston said...

Glad to see that you're enjoying BOI!

Chappo - We'd love to reach out to you and support you in any way we can. I wasn't able to find any contact information on your blog/youtube, but please feel free to contact us at (our public email for bloggers and fansites) if you're interested.

Hope to see you in game!

Sam "QforQ" Houston
Senior Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Perfect World Entertainment

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