Hating on Mythic

Well I wasn't going to make a post on this topic, because it is getting fairly wide coverage in the bloggingsphere, so I'll make thsi relatively brief. Mythic Entertainment recently charged a large number of accounts (Both active and suspended) for a number of subscriptions. People have had over 500 dollars withdrawn from their account. Despite all this Mythic were very quick to respond, saying that they would return the money as soon as possible. Many still have complaints because of the problems the taken money has caused, and the fact that they may not receive their money for weeks due to bank policies.

Now many people on the actual forums are up in arms, including many bloggers as well. Many are predicting that Mythic will be hit heavy by all this terrible press. While I appreciate that many people have been put into a very stressful and frustrating position, I think the blame attributed to Mythic is mostly knee-jerk and unfair.
Attributing this blame to an entire company (Which some say shouldn't be involved at all as EA manages Account Management) is rediculous, when at most it was one employee's stupid mistake, or perhaps more likely, a simple computer malfunction. Attributing the mistake to Mythic as an entire company is illogical and achieves nothing.

All this complaining, in my mind, will likely get that one employee fired, which makes no sense, and just make it hard for Mythic/EA to clear the problem up. It frustrates me no end when people gloss over the fact that this was a mistake likely caused by a single employee or a computer issue.

It hurt people, sure, but give me/Mythic a break.


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