What I'm playing

Well I haven't posted in awhile so I guess I should drop in a bit of what I've been up to.
I've been having a great time on my little old Runepriest in the WAR endless trial. I love healing in the game because not only do you get to stay alive significantly longer, but it actually feels as though you are doing something. Healers are few and far between in T1, so often I feel that I'm carrying my team by keeping them all alive. Its a little pretentious, but when you get 67k heals in a scenario, about 40k over Destruction's highest healer it makes you think... :P

I'm planning on rolling a Warrior Priest with a friend and twink them out. WPs and DoKs when they are twinked are a trek to kill and running with a friend I predict major butt kicking. So I'm really enjoying the simplicity and tactics of T1 WAR, the Endless Trial is fantastic, and if they allowed you to twink at all the tiers I would definitely resubscribe.

In other news I got Mass Effect, and am moving through it at a leasurely pace. I'm really enjoying it, but I'm not trying to burn through it by any means. I'm playing a no nonense fellow who doesn't like politicians, is good with the ladies, but easily turns on anyone (Except the ladies) if its going to profit himself. Good stuff.


Anton said...

Oo, games! Sounds like fun!

I'm enjoying Neverwinter Nights, Lord of the Rings Online, Rock Band, and just got into Rainbow 6: Vegas 2.

Playing all of these together with friends--there's so much fun to have these days ;)

beastykid9638 said...

you should keep an eye on battle of the immortals seems like it will be a good game

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