Seperating the wheat from the chaff

What a hullabaloo! Allods Online. Whoo, what fun. The breaking news is that not only the early 15 levels are very slow COMPARED TO WOW, but that the cash shop is hugely overpriced.

Two days into Open Beta.

But I'm actually really happy that all this is happening. First of all, the slow leveling/combat in the initial levels has turned off so many noobs who simply can't get it through their heads that this isn't WoW, and you can't level 1-10 in an hour. For me personally, I decided to stuff leveling as fast as possible, and just wander around and explore the starting area. I heard one guy asking about a quest which he couldn't figure out and I told him that it was bugged, and he pretty much responded that he was going to quit.

One day into the Open Beta.

In terms of the cash shop, the players are making a massive deal over something that will clearly be fixed very quickly, but there is hope, there are a few people on the forums saying 'enough is enough' and that they aren't going to play the game anymore. Fingers crossed this will get rid of those people who plan on spending a ton of money on the game to become better then everyone else. Fingers crossed.

If everyone took a deep breath and threw away the concept of 'this is WoW' and considered the fact that the game is still in beta, and the fact that they aren't paying any money for the privelege of playing the game then they would realise the stupidity that is going on.

Still, if that were reality then I wouldn't be having so much fun watching the ranting and raving of the loonies.


Pedro Wazelski said...

Glad to see someone at least is having fun :)

mbp said...

Hi Chappo - I have been playing a couple of hours a night bit for the last few days and enjoying it. Like you I have no interest in power levelling - just enjoying a bit of soloing and a bit of PUG grouping along the way. I'll probably quit before I get anywhere near end game so the cash shop kerfuffle doesn't bother me personally at all.

Its an impressive game so far - it would be a shame to see it brought down by bad commercial decisions. It has certainly raised my expectations of Russian games.

matt.. said...

hey what level u got up to now?
and whats ur name of ur warrior ill add ya ;d

my warriors now 12 trying not to stuff it up this time im going a dualaxe build so hope that all works out

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