Youtube partneship and some more AFK

Just yesterday I received this + an email from Youtube saying I was able to apply for a partnership. There are benefits with going with it such as a ridiculously small amount of money coming in, and that my videos actually legally belong to me. At the moment I am thinking of waiting until I start playing Allods, then take them up on their offer. Mum, I'm moving up in the world!

Also have my final secondary school exams over the next three weeks so I'll probably trolling your blogs for a while but not posting on mine. :D


br3ntbr0 said...

I've been getting these emails about my Warhammer Online videos. They make you click through a bunch of screens about copyright infringement, to the point where I'm worried that they might actually delete the videos.

The games in these videos do not belong to us, so it seems to be a bit of a grey area. Let me know what response you get from YouTube after they review the video!

David said...

Exactly what I was thinking, but then you have people such as wowhobbs, as they obviously aren't doing anything wrong.
Also most of my videos have music in them which do not belong to me, and I'm afraid they will delete them all if I become a partner.
We'll see how it goes I guess

Anonymous said...

hey, what allods are u playing the us or eu??

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