Exams in just a few weeks now so starting to get frantic with the study. Right now I'm spending almost no time at all playing any games at all except for an hour or so on the weekend. I've been languishing at the same level on RoM for a couple of weeks now and really feel that I'm not getting anywhere. Even why I do find the time to jump on I often get a ridiculous amount of lag and waste a lot of time when I'm killed by lag: it just makes the entire process a lot harder. On the other hand, I have started working more in photoshop as its easier to jump on that for a while and try and make something to relax. Speaking of which I have decided to most at least one of my photoshop efforts every week probably on a Saturday, just to track my process and hopefully motivate me to think up new things and improve my skills.

Time to go and do some study. *sad face*


Anton said...

If this guy were found in the early 1900's, he could have had a job at a freak show right next to Elephant Man...But I think those kinds of things are now politically incorrect.

Are you an artist professionally, or is this a hobby?

Sorry to hear you're inundated with school. School is rough, but hang in there!

Chappo said...

Well, I have been drawing for a couple of years now, but its mainly just charicatures. I have only recently started working in photoshop and slowly getting better at it. So yeah, they are both hobbies which hopefully will turn into a job.

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