Photoshopping a signiture (Continued)

...Continuing on form last post.

Cartoonised it, if you can call it that. This was to blend both the ingame screenshots and the real fire and sun. Added some outglow (??) to the dwarf as well as the cliffs. Moved the sun down a bit so it would fit inside the signature.

Final image. Cropped, added text, black outline, border, bit more outglow (???) and darkening around the corners.

So I'm pretty happy with the result for a first time. Not sure exactly how long it took me but it was around 1 hour. Feedback would be awesome. Cheers.


Crimson Starfire said...

Dude, that's pretty damn leet!

I really need to learn that stuff.

*looks up photoshop tutorials*

Chappo said...

Thanks, yeah, there are a ton of tutorials out there but I've found that only a few are actually any good.

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