Crocs + outback + aussies = a great game!

I can't quite remember whether I have made a post on this game or not. But I feel inspired to write about one of my old time favorite games, so you'll have to excuse me. DUD was a simple point and click comic adventure game. Throughout the course of the game you fall out of an airplane, find a bunch of hill-billy-esque outback Aussies, and try and find your way home. I played the game when I was probably 10 or about there, so most o fthe game was trial and error but I'll never forget it.

The game had simple but logical puzzles, a few jumping/platforming puzzles, mixed in with some good old rabbit shooting and croc jumping. I'll never forget the time, when I must have been playing through the game for the second time when I came to the part where you have to cross a certain river infested with crocs. The only way to get accross was to jump from log to log, avoiding the crocs. It was possibel to actually land on the crocs themselves, but you had to time it very well so you wouldn't land anywhere near their mouth.

As little kids me and my brothers would save every time we made a successful jump, because at that age it wasn't easy. So I was jumping accross the river when I made a jump onto a croc. Except I didn't actually wait for myself to land, because I thought I was going to make the jump. I quickly saved and resumed the game to find out that the jump landed me right in the mouth of the croc, resulting in death and a return back to my last save point.

Problem was my last save point was of me in the middle of jumping once again into the croc's mouth. There was nothing I could do except start the game all over again, but I don't think I minded too much. Down Under Dan, what a great game. :)


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